Globalism Breeds False Crusades And Black Knights

The elder President Bush was the first to announce the New World Order in modern times when he was President. The term was first used after World War 1 related to the phrase – The war to end all wars. It had the same connotation after World War 2. It was used in the 1950s at lectures about international relations when its connotation surrounded the future after World War 2. The internationalists called for more centralized control over the whole world while the nationalists said this would be a very dangerous way to go. There was a brief period of time prior to the Korean War where many believed limited wars were a thing of the past. Many believed that nations would never shed the blood of their young again unless all alternatives proved to be impossible.

Many of the young men of the Korea War generation in the late 1940s witnessed the return of the veterans from World War 2 and were able to view wars with an open objective mind. We even sat in movie theaters laughing at all the John Wayne heroics as propaganda. We thought limited wars were a thing of the past. We soon found that this impossible dream was crushed with the beginning of the Korea War. The young again were asked to shed their blood in a far away place and they did it in a quiet way. They became the quiet generation of our time. There never was a President from the Korean War generation. Some of the Korean War generation even saw old veterans of the Civil War in parades and listened to the stories of the World War 1 veterans. They experienced World War 2 at home while they watched their cousins come home from the war – with many coming home in body only and with their spirit left behind on the battle fields. Then the Korean War came. The French told us to stay out of Vietnam but the New World Order false prophets ignored the warning. The French had many years of experience with colonial wars.

The New World Order term matured in a different ways with many conspiracy theories surfacing. Some thought it was a plan by elitist groups who thought they knew what was best for the American people. Conspiracy believers said there were elitists planning to rule the world with practical solutions outside of the confusion of the common good. It is not certain what the elder President Bush was really proclaiming when he first announced the New World Order but we know this. A New World Order set the stage for Globalization and Free Trade. It evolved into the so called Flat World as presented by Thomas Friedman from the New York Times in his book The World is Flat. Globalization and Free Trade did not evolve in any natural way but was forced fed by elitists inside government, universities and the media. They presented themselves as prophets but they come as false prophets with Free Trade with a new connotation of Free Trade being pushed since 1956. This was the year, the U.S. Government itself start moving factories outside the USA. Free Trade is about moving production from place to place and not the trading of products as history defines trade.

Globalist Free Traders blamed tariffs as being the cause of the Great Depression but tariffs were switched on and off during this period in history. World War 2 took over and Lend Lease ruled the game of trade and not tariffs.

Globalist Free Traders quote Adam Smith as someone who fostered Free Trade and Globalization. Free Traders are false prophets touting false parables. Adam Smith actually held labor as the foundation of all property and therefore the most sacred part of any economy. Adam Smith was against making money on just money.

Bill Clinton came and put Free Trade into warp speed. It took close to 40 years to move 2,000 factories to Mexico. It took Bill Clinton after the NAFTA Trade Agreement was passed to double that number in just two years. President Clinton significantly called Congress back from a Thanksgiving vacation in 1993 to force the passage of the GATT Trade Agreement in a lame duck session of Congress even though the Contract With America Republicans won Congress and were going to take over in January of 1994. Thus history will show it was a Democrat President and Democrat controlled Congress that passed both unfair trade agreements. It does indicate that President Bill Clinton carried the water bucket for the elder Bush to get things done fast. President Bush the second just followed in Clinton’s footsteps and rushed the passing of Fast TracK while Americans’ eyes were on the new pre-emptive wars. Now the Second Coming of the Clintons is here to push this New World Order to a higher level. Globalism has brought us a new Colonialism where nations find they must protect their interests worldwide. It has brought us a False Crusade with Black Knights leading the way. Our childrens blood is now being shed in the Middle East with millions of innocent people there being killed in the process.

View the Pearl Harbor Attack on Workers art
This editorial cartoon was first introduced in 1994. President Bush the second was added in 2001 riding the attack plane like a new Doctor Strangelove of our times. The younger Bush ignores the fact that more than 4000 factories were moved to Mexico and says the Mexican workers come to take the jobs, Americans will not take. He ignores the fact that the Mexican workers did not take the jobs we sent them related to the 4000 factories the U.S. moved there. Now many of these factories are moving out to places like China where Chinese will work for less.

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